A Fall Story in Winter

May all places be held sacred.

May all beings be cherished.

May all injustices of oppression and devaluation

be fully righted, remedied and healed.

May all wounds to forests, rivers, deserts, oceans,

all wounds to Mother Earth be lovingly restored to bountiful health.

May all beings everywhere delight in whale song, birdsong and blue sky.

May all beings abide in peace and well-being, awaken and be free

This story is about the next to last line:’

May all beings everywhere delight in whale song, birdsong and blue sky . . . 

It was Fall, and the foliage was gorgeous. There were yellow, red and all shades of beautiful leaves on the trees and on the ground. I watched outside the window. Squirrels scurried around and there was one squirrel that caught my eye. He buried a nut, digging with his front paws, and his back paws also moving strongly and visibly against the ground. He finished and looked up, and then he looked to the side. He picked up a yellow leaf and placed it over where his nut was buried. I had never seen that before.

Surely the squirrel must have known that the wind would blow away the leaf. If that’s so, then he didn’t place it as a marker. Then why? O h  my, squirrels are also enjoying the leaf colors, at least this one is. Perhaps he  wanted a bit of beauty to  place over his stored nut. 

Anna K Gilman©1/31/2022

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