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A few words to my US friend Hannah: about few differences between our two living places

Good morning Hannah! 

Thanks for your view on the #Senior Talent debate, yes! you are right, it is funny viewing me as a moderator, when what I would like most is to be there debating!!!

#BuscamosTalentoSenior. #LaTertulia. #ElTuristaDigital

Also it is very interesting your point of view about the rush and speed.

At the beginning of the years 2000, during 2 years I was now and then at the university of Leiden, Netherlands, pursuing my MBA (online and  in-person). There were Students from different countries, but just me from Spain. We were all divided into small changing groups in order to solve and/or arrange projects, obviously we all discussed our ideas; but it occurred that at the beginning, during our first meetings that I felt the people looking at me as a bit ¿scared?, finally I found that my eyes were widely open, my body language (moving arms and hands) and my rushing while I was talking made them think that I was a bit angry!! Ja Ja Ja. But, it is not a stereotype, it is the culture from where you are raised, and yes you are right we talk  in a speedy way! 

But on the other hand, frequently in Mediterranean cultures the fact of talking very slowly is a sign of arrogance or fatuity (we say “habla escuchándose a sí mismo”) (speak listening to yourself),except if you are a foreigner, for instance, a teacher  or  lecturer from other country. 

So, I do agree totally with you about the rush, incomprehension and insults in  most of the debates where people do not listen to each other, and just do what they want to do,  which is to talk about whatever, even  being insulting to the person in front of them and in a loud voice, because over the last 20 years media & politicians have created this violent monster #Iamright , meaning I’m right if I raise my voice while blaming others.

About the #SeniorTalent debate there were not any young people because they usually are in all the others programs, so the purpose of this program was to give voice to seniors explaining their views about work, life, society and the future.

#SeniorTalent it was a very nice debate because everyone showed respect amongst themselves, and respect to the others; they supported what the other alleged, even sometimes it was said «what a nice thing you have said, I could not  more agree with you even  more».

USA and many European countries  have all different cultures because more and more we are getting ‘global’, a global cuisine, a global studies and global audiovisual stuff, etc. The biggest differences between the countries is that they rely on economic structures. Fortunately nowadays we have in Spain an excellent Health and Educational system, on the other hand  a rigid and monolithic enterprise structure ,rather very much affected by political life  as the consulter business is. 

Also, there are Spanish laws which do not benefit the entrepreneurship of young people because for two years they pay reduced taxes, and even after  2 years, by then they are not being able to create a living; so taxes for entrepreneurs are a problem to solve.

But this country it is also not good for seniors, as far I know, the US senior people have the opportunity to get a reduced working hours job, and  most of the time he/she is very welcomed because his/her experience and knowledge will contribute to the company.

Well, in Spain, the economical system does not want to change (cheap labor, expensive taxes for very small & medium businesses and disproportionately small for huge-large companies), in this way they do control the labor market.

The last two Spanish generations have been the best trained and prepared in the history of this country, taking into account the high proportion of illiteracy that we had until the 60s. Unfortunately, the economic and business model was not able to absorb all these young people, and many of them, involuntarily, had to get jobs in other countries.

Anna, sure we could agree that ‘nothing is perfect’ all around the world but, as always there is a but, everything could improve by sharing  knowledge and learning from others, solidarity, transparency, honesty, empathy, ending any kind of violence, recover the #Humanism measuring laws and society through human dimension. The whole world has the task of deprofessionalizing the work of politics and depoliticizing civil society, too many leaders or aspiring leaders use politics as a way of life.

Well, by now I have said too many things, so what if in the meantime, we do what  ever is possible , we could  change things, perhaps too few, but so long  as we get something done, ‘violence against women’ it’ seems to us  quite a lot!

Peace & Hugs!/Montse

Montserrat Gascó-Alcoberro

#BuscamosTalentoSenior. #LaTertulia. #ElTuristaDigital